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Oak Creek Campus Student Senate
Constitution & ByLaws

This student organization shall be called the South Campus Student Senate. It call represent the students attending full time, part time, day or evening classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College South Campus.

A day student carrying 6 credits or 6 hours of classes or an evening student carrying 3 credits or 3 hours of classes with a G. P .A of at least 2.0 .is eligible to be elected for a seat on the South Campus Student Senate.

Any student without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, handicap, arrest or conviction record, veteran's status or any other protected class status have equality opportunity for election.

A student can run for a seat on the South Campus Student Senate either in the fall or spring semester of the school year. They must fill out nomination forms located in the Office of Student Affairs and obtain 25 signatures from students attending the South Campus. Nomination and Election dates will be posted for all students to view. Nominated student senators will be listed by academic division on the election ballot. Top 25 nominated senators will win the all school election.

Any senator who has been an active member In good standing In the South Campus Student Senate but has program classes moved, changed or transferred to another campus or are now offered only in the evening but did wish to maintain their membership at the South Campus can do so provided;

Must attend the majority of meetings each semester and/or

Participate In all major senate projects each semester in order to maintain active and good standing status. A member can also transfer to another senate without election if in good standing at South Campus but classes or schedule have been moved to another campus.

All officers of the South Campus Student Senate must maintain a G.P.A. of 2.5 and be active and in good standing in the South Campus Student Senate. The term for each office will be for two semesters or one year. The Officers are as listed below:

  1. President -Will conduct the South Campus Student Senate meetings and create the agenda for each meeting. They have the power to, call emergency meetings as well. They will also represent the Senate on the Area Student Senate Board and the Student Mairs Committee or appoint another officer or member to represent them on these district committees.
  2. Vice President -Assist the President in their duties and assume the duties of the President in their absence or leaving of office until an election can be held, coordinate all committees and projects the South Student Senate becomes involved in and attends the Area Student Senate Board meetings or appoints another officer or member to represent them.
  3. Recording Secretary -To keep minutes of all meetings, to maintain a record of attendance of members, to be keeper of all records for the senate during their term of office and to preside over a meeting in the absence of the President and Vice President.
  4. Corresponding Secretary -To send all members the minutes, meeting notices, special meeting notices or appointment letters. They will also be in charge of any correspondence the President or Vice President may wish to produce on behalf of the South Campus Student Senate.
  5. Treasurer -To keep records of the Private Account for the South Campus Student Senate. To have a report at every meeting on the status of this account to all members.
  6. Parliamentarian -To maintain order in the meetings. To preside in impeachment proceedings and to count the ballots in the election of new officers.
  7. Committee Chairmen -Will be appointed by the President or Vice President and to call and preside over committee meetings. Coordinate with the Vice President all committee projects and be prepared to make a report on committee activities and progress to the general membership.

Impeachment proceedings can be initiated by any member in good standing on any officer or member of the South Campus Student Senate. The charges will be announced in a general membership. A team of five members ( two offices, one of which will be the Parliamentarian who will head the team, and three members in good standing) will investigate the charges and work with the Senate Advisor in making a statement to the general membership at the next meeting. The general membership will then vote on the charges. Impeachment will need a 2/3 vote in favor of the impeachment.

The Executive Committee shall include the President, Vice President, Recording and Correspondence Secretaries, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.

The official advisor for the South Campus Student Senate will be the Student Affairs Coordinator for the South Campus. Another CoAdvisor can be appointed by the Student Senate if they so deem it necessary.

There shall be at least one monthly meeting set at a time convenient to most of the senators. Emergency meetings can be called by the President when deemed necessary. The meetings will be run informally. If a question arises on procedure then Robert's Rules of Order will be sited to resolve the question. Quorum shall consist of 51 % of the members in good standing.

Amendments can be made to this constitution by presenting them at one meeting and voting on adoption at the next meeting. Voting requires a two-thirds vote of the present attending members.