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Student Wisconsin Education Association (StWEA)

ATTENTION Teacher Ed Students: JOIN Student WEA!

What is StWEA?

The Student Wisconsin Education Association (StWEA) here at MATC is a pre-professional student organization consisting of college students pursuing a career as educators. We are at heart, a future teacher’s club.

Why StWEA?

With the constant change in our often highly politicized profession, it’s important for us as students to remain vocal and aware about issues both historical and contemporary pertaining to public education, advocacy, and social justice. We want to offer opportunities for involvement and growth, both personal and professional, as well as to make immediate and lasting change within our communities.

  • Our students meet and participate in events that:
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Provide volunteer and pre-professional experience.
  • Encourage the sharing of ideas.
  • Provide support for our communities.
  • Offer an opportunity to network with fellow future educators.

How to join StWEA!

If you would like to participate in Student WEA, simply attend one of our monthly meetings to see what we’re all about, or contact a member of our executive committee for more information. Check our website, Twitter feed, or Facebook group for up-to-date info on our events, meeting minutes, or general important Teacher Ed news!

Upcoming Meetings

All meetings will be located in the conference room of M289.

Contact Us


Twitter: @MATCStWEA


Pablo Muirhead
Room: M289