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Radiography Student Organization ByLaws

  1. The rights of the members of this organization shall be to vote and to benefit from the publicity and public relations the group hopes to achieve. Each member has a right to be notified of the meetings and cannot be excluded from activities.
  2. The duties of the members of this organization shall be to:
  1. Every officer must attend all meetings; excusable only with notice.
    • Attend a percentage of the meetings held
    • Maintain a professional attitude or image
    • Uphold the name and purpose of this organization
    • Disclose any opportunities that may benefit this organization
  2. President responsibilities are to:
    • Preside over meetings
    • Represent this organization at student affairs
    • In case of a tie vote, the president will then vote.
  3. Vice-President responsibilities are to:
    • Help the president in any of their duties, and
    • Substitute for the president when president is unavailable
  4. Secretary responsibilities are to:
    • Take minutes at every meeting
    • Prepare all necessary paper work incidental to the office
  5. Treasurer responsibilities are to:
    • Keep accurate records of funds
    • Handle all money for this organization
    • Make a report at each meeting on the statement of funds and each year prepare a balanced statement.
  1. Any party interested in the continuance and advancement of this organization shall be considered an honorary member.
  2. Honorary members of this organization have the right to attend all meetings, but do not have the right to vote.