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ByLaws of the Chess Club of MATC

  1. To help students develop their skills in chess and become aware of their ability to think logically.
  2. To organize the chess activities at Milwaukee Area Technical College.
  3. To organize events on and off-campus for fund-raising, field trips, and etc. for student members.
  1. Open to all students and personnel of M.A.T.C., without discrimination. Without regard to race, color creed, national origin, or physical impairment have equality of opportunity for membership in the organization, or, in place of this type of statement, the organization must make a statement of membership whereby all students satisfying a specific criteria of membership not based upon race, color, creed, national origin, or physical impairment shall be able to join the organization.
  2. The members are entitled to use the club facilities under the pre-condition that they conform to the specific rules and regulations applying to these facilities.
  3. No member is obligated to attend any meetings of the club. If a member is participating in any competitive event that is run by the M.A.T.C. Chess Club, inability to appear on the scheduled day and time for a particular game, may have, as a direct consequence, loss or forfeit of the game.
  1. The elected officers are servants of the club, entitled to no particular rights over the rest of the members of the club, except the ones specified in this constitution.
  2. All organizational and bureaucratic responsibilities of the club may be covered by one elected officer alone, namely, the President. The President has the right to appoint provisory assistants who are willing to assist him/her, wherever he considers that the amount of organizational and bureaucratic work of the club has become exceeding.
  3. In the case that the needs of the club demand it, the function of the President may be divided among elected officers:
    1. The President, who calls and presides at the special meetings and signs the different documents of the club.
    2. A Vice-President, who is assistant to the President and takes full control in the absence of the President. The Vice-President also deals with the finances of the club.
    3. The Secretary, who carries most of the organizational and bureaucratic work of the club and who has the right to appoint provisory assistants for this office.
    4. The Treasurer, who keeps an accurate account of all financial transactions, as well as good records.
    5. The Tournament Secretary, whose duties are as follows:
      • Type up a Results Sheet every two weeks and post it in the display case
      • Keep track of Leader positions with a posting entitled "Leader Board"
      • Keep a binder that contains a copy of each previous "results sheet" (binder will be provided)
      • Make sure a current copy of the "Ladder Challenge" rules is posted
      • Obtain a copy of the "Ladder Challenge" promotional flyer and post it in the display case
      • Post pictures of the prizes (when available)
      • Assist the president and the advisor with the provision of chess sets, clocks and notation sheets to Ladder Challenge contestants
      • Assist the Tournament Director and club advisors during tournament play
      • Make sure that the display case looks neat and well kept
  4. The above officers are elected for up to one year. At the special meetings designated for electing officers, by simple majority. All elections of officers will be held by secret ballot.
  5. No member of the club may ever be elected for any office against his will.
  6. Any member of the club may be elected any number of times, consequently, for any office.
  7. Any elected officer may be impeached by a simple petition signed by over half of the total membership of the club, and by over 50% vote of the total membership of the club.
  8. Office vacancies that occur because of resignation, impeachment, etc. may be filled by a new election (this is absolutely necessary in the case of the President). The duties of the office may be partly or wholly covered by one or more of the remaining active officers, if they are willing to accept the additional responsibilities until the time of the new election.
  9. OFFICER ABSENTEE RULE: Any officer OR committee chairperson that misses three regular general membership business meetings of the club will be considered in negligence of their duties and will be automatically removed from their elected office. Official implementation of this rule can take place while taking care of the "New Business" of the club during the third missed meeting (or any subsequent meeting) if a motion is made to call attention to the number of absences. The wording of such a motion should be similar to the following; "I move that the chairperson now recognize the fact that (so and so) has now missed three consecutive club meetings." If this motion is approved, the president (or acting chairperson) must rule that the absent officer is now removed and declare the office officially vacant. The president may then ask if there are any nominations to fill the vacancy.
  1. Depending on the particular time and case, there may be working for the club, certain non-elected personnel, such as, trainers, coaches, tournament directors and technical advisors.
  2. Club membership for this type of personnel is not required.
  3. The M.A.T.C. Chess Club advisors and officers have direct jurisdiction over this personnel.
  4. The position of Publicist will be appointed by the president (or acting president) of the club. The Publicist's duties are as follows:
    • The Publicist assumes primary responsibility for the execution and implementation of decisions made by this body relating to public relations, marketing strategies and/or advertising campaigns
    • Has primary responsibility for the creation and distribution of flyers
    • Has primary responsibility for the creation and distribution of news releases
    • Works closely with the executive board so that the details of his responsibilities are properly implemented
    • Consults with the club's advisors when necessary
    • Communicates to this body any new recommendations that relate to the Publicist's primary responsibilities

Seven MATC student members shall constitute a quorum.

The rules of the International Chess Federation (F.I.D.E.) will be applied.

The present constitution is to be honored as long as it satisfies the needs of most of the members of the M.A.T.C. Chess Club. In order to avoid the awkward situation of having a club governed by obsolete, inadequate or disliked laws:

  1. Any part of the constitution is amendable if over half of the total membership demands it by petition or vote.
  2. The whole M.A.T.C. Chess Club Constitution can be cancelled and replaced by another if three-fourths of the entire membership demands it by petition or vote.

It is resolved that the Chess Club will establish and maintain a standing Membership committee that will hold primary responsibility for the following tasks:

  • maintaining an up-to-date record of membership data for each scheduled club meeting
  • maintaining files of past sign-in sheets and sign-up sheets
  • providing supervision of recruitment in accordance with club rules
  • recommending rule changes to improve the quality or quantity of the "active" membership

It is resolved that the Chess Club will use the current version of "Roberts Rules of Order" as its parliamentary authority.

  • Revised 2010/03/29
  • Revised 2009/10/09
  • Revised 2008/02/29
  • Revised 2007/02/02