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ByLaws — Milwaukee Student Government

Section I

The Membership of Milwaukee Student Government (M.S.G.) shall be restricted to those students who have paid their student activity fee, and are enrolled in a College Academic Program.

Section II
  1. To attend the General Assembly Meetings
  2. To take a active part in meetings
  3. To promote the purposes and aims of this organization
  4. To report to their constituents on M.S.G. on activities
  5. To serve on at least one committee
  6. Representatives must serve a minimum two (2) hours per week in the Student Government office. Chair persons must serve a minimum of three (3) hours per week in the M.S.G. office. Officers must spend a minimum of four (4) hours per week in the M.S.G. office.
  7. Abide by the official office rules
  8. Participate in at least two (2) events per semester
Section 1 — Removal from Office
  1. No member of the M.S.G. shall be absent from more than two meetings of the M.S.G. during the semester without submitting acceptable reasons for said absence to the President. The excuse should be submitted before that meeting for which the representative expects to be absent. This excuse shall not be accepted later than the next regularly scheduled meeting following the absence.
  2. Any member shall be eligible for removal from the M.S.G. for being absent from two or more meetings per semester without sufficient reason and/or failure to provide written notice.
  3. A representative may be removed from office for subsequent failure to complete required duties for holding a M.S.G. position.
  4. A representative may be removed from office for failure to complete the listed office hours.
  5. A representative who is late to a meeting without a valid excuse shall be counted as absent.
  6. A representative may be removed from in accordance with impeachment proceedings.
  7. A representative having a conflict with class or work schedule, becomes ill or has a family emergency are examples of an excused absence from meetings.
Section 2 — Grounds for Impeachment
  1. An elected representative may be impeached for knowingly violating the by laws, or permitted others to violate the M.A.T.C. code of conduct, or the standing rules of M.S.G.
Section 3 — Impeachment Process
  1. Announcement for consideration of impeachment must be made at a regularly scheduled meeting, and written notice be given to the accused by the President unless it is the President that is being impeached, in which case the M.S.G. shall designate a representative to notify the accused in writing.
  2. The Accused shall be giving at least five (5) school operating days to prepare a case in his/her defense unless impeachment is brought up at the last M.S.G. meeting of the semester in which case impeachment meetings shall be held at the first meeting of the next semester.
  3. During the impeachment process the President may choose to suspend the membership of the accused until a decision is reached unless the President is the accused in which case it becomes a decision of the Executive Board with a majority vote and then the Vice President will assume the role and duties of the president until the process is concluded.
  4. In order to protect the privacy of the individual, deliberation shall be in a closed session.
  5. The Accused shall maintain the right to be present during the session
  6. Student government shall observe all inalienable rights of the accused
Section 4 — Removal
  1. A two thirds vote of the sitting Executive Board in a closed session, taken by secret ballot is necessary for removal from office.
  2. Due notification from the chair of the M.S.G. of the results of this vote shall be served to the accused.
  3. This process shall be facilitated but not altered by the Director of Student Life or those appointed by the Director of Student Life.
  4. Decision is final as of the time of the vote cast and will take effect immediately.
Section 1

Regular General Assembly meetings will be held bi monthly on alternate days of the week, Monday through Friday, at alternate periods of the day to insure that the same class is not missed repeatedly, unless the availability of representatives dictates quorum can be achieved if the meetings are held at the same day and time each week. Reminder notices will be posted prior to the meetings and it is the responsibility of the representative to maintain knowledge of and attendance at these meetings.

Section 2

Special meetings may be called by the President. Written notification shall be made 7 days prior to the meeting. Any member of the Executive board can call a special executive council meeting with the consent of the President, and upon notification of all council members with at least 24 hours notice.

Section 1

The Officers shall be nominated by the General Assembly (with the exception of the Parliamentarian, Communications Director, and Sargent At Arms.) at the first meeting of the Fall semester,.All Officer positions are available even those held by incumbents allowing a challenger to their position. Candidates may be nominated for more than one office but may only be elected to one position. Nominations for officers may be accepted until the election, which will take place at the second meeting of the fall semester. Any member of the M.S.G. may be nominated for any vacant officer position, with the exception being the President and Vice President Position which requires that the candidate have had been a member of M.S.G. for a minimum of one (1) Semester without any disciplinary action.

Section 2

The President shall be granted the authority to appoint a qualified representative to be the Parliamentarian, Communications Director, and the Sargent At Arms. The General Assembly must ratify this action by simple majority.

Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
Section 1 — President

The duties of the President are:

  1. To preside over the General Assembly, Executive Board, and the Executive Council Meetings
  2. The President shall have the authority to call special or emergency meetings as necessary.
  3. To represent the M.S.G. at all functions, business and special events. In the event of absence should the President not be able to attend, the President shall appoint someone from the M.S.G. to take their place.
  4. To perform other administrative duties usually incumbent on this office, not otherwise stated in the Bi-Laws.
  5. To handle all incoming mail to the M.S.G.
  6. To keep track of all M.S.G. keys and make sure they are returned should someone leave office
  7. To execute all contracts approved by the M.S.G. and other official documents requiring signature of the President such as resolutions, and general obligations.
  8. To edit and make budget decisions by $200 should the instance of a meeting can't be called under the discretion of Student Life.
  9. To suspend a member for up to two meetings who is in violation of the standing rules, attendance policy, and/or the By-Laws or if a member is under disciplinary process in accordance with the rules set forth by student life and the code of student conduct
Section 2 — Vice President

The duties of the Vice President are:

  1. Assume the duties of the President in their absence
  2. To oversee the standing committees. In the event of a absence, the Vice President shall receive a report from the Committee Chair
  3. Report to the President all activities of the committee meetings
Section 3 — Secretary

The Duties of the Recording Secretary are:

  1. Record the minutes of all the meetings of the General Assembly, Executive Board, and Executive Council
  2. To take the roll and record the attendance of all the members at the General Assembly, Executive Board and Executive Council
  3. Complete copies of the General Assembly meeting minutes and distribute them to the General Assembly for approval
  4. Complete copies of the Executive Board and Council meetings and distribute
  5. File official documents such as minutes of the Board, Council and General Assembly meetings
  6. Keep a list of Executive Decisions as they are made
  7. Remind the President of actions needed
  8. Provide an agenda for each meeting to each member of the Assembly
  9. Maintain two (2) monthly calendars and post all events relative to the appointments and meetings of M.S.G>
Section 4 — Correspondence Secretary
  1. Writing/typing of all letters, outside correspondence, meeting notices, and reading of all official correspondence that is received by the M.S.G.
  2. Assist the Recording Secretary as needed
  3. To correspond with other student organizations
  4. To network with the MATC Times
Section 5 — Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer are:

  1. To keep accurate records of all financial transactions of the M.S.G.
  2. To give an oral and written report to the General Assembly, Executive Board and Council meetings as needed.
  3. To facilitate ideas to the Fund Raising Chair
  4. Be an active member of the D.S.S. Budgetary committee
Section 6 — Parliamentarian

The duties of the Parliamentarian are:

  1. Advise the M.S.G. on all Parliamentary Procedures
  2. Be responsible for any legislation pending before the floor
  3. Keep a record of all resolutions and motions brought before the General Assembly
  4. Preside over all Impeachment Proceedings, maintaining an impartial manner at all time
Section VII — Sargent At Arms

The duties of the Sargent At Arms are:

  1. Maintain order at all meetings
  2. Governing of time
  3. Assist the President and Vice President as needed
Section VIII — Communications Director

The Duties of the Communications Director are:

  1. Manage the official M.S.G. Facebook page
  2. Delegate all suggestions received to appropriate M.S.G. members, faculty, and staff.
  3. Post all suggestions/comments received though the suggestion box.
  4. Keep a record of all comments, suggestions and responses
  5. Check comment/ suggestion boxes once per week and manage the keys to the boxes
  6. Ensure everything posted on the official M.S.G. Face Book page is accurate and reflects positively on the M.S.G and MATC
Section VIIII

No Officer of the M.S.G. shall be allowed to hold another officer position in any other campus organization.

Section I

The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Correspondence Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Sargent At Arms, and the Communications Director.

Section II

The Executive Board shall function in a advisory capacity to the President and to the General Assembly, in policy making, besides fulfilling the individual duties of its members. It shall also assist in implementing the Presidents various programs.

Section III

The Chain of command shall be: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. In the event the highest ranking Officer is not present, the next in command will act in their place in making the general decisions, and heading meetings as necessary.

Section IV
  1. An Executive Board member may be removed from Office for subsequent failure to meet qualifications for holding said office.
  2. A Executive Board member may be removed from office by the President; provided a notification of said removal is given in writing to the member and removal is confirmed by a majority vote of the M.S.G.
Section I

The Standing Committees shall be Legislative, Fund Raising, Events, and Community Relations

Section II

The Chairpersons of these committees are appointed by the Vice-President and must be ratified by the General Assembly by majority.

Section III

The Chairpersons may create sub-committees and appoint a chairperson for each committee at the approval of the Vice-President.

Section I

Quorum at all meetings shall be required to vote on business brought to the General Assembly. Quorum must be made up of at least 51% of the members in good standing.

Section II

All actions presented before the M.S.G. shall pass by a simple majority vote unless otherwise specified by these by-laws or Roberts Rules of Order. The President or Representative acting as President shall have the right to vote only to break a tie

Section III

A Representative may only vote by proxy at the discretion of the President and only twice during a semester. A Representative then has to give a written vote to the President, who will present this proxy vote to the Parliamentarian to hold till the vote is called.

Section I

Any Amendment to the By-Laws must first be presented in written form discussed then tabled until the next regularly scheduled meeting. At this time it will be open for discussion again as an agenda item of new business and can be voted on. If passed by a two thirds (2/3) vote of all members in good standing of the M.S.G. the By-Laws shall so be amended.

Section II

Any portion of the By-Laws can be suspended by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the representatives present for the duration of that meeting. After that meeting the Bi-laws suspended shall be re-instated.

Section I
  1. Treat everyone with respect. This is a business office and should be treated as such. Use of foul language, and unprofessional behavior is prohibited. Representatives shall adhere to the Student Code of Conduct
  2. Student Government Offices shall be locked when not in use by active M.S.G. members. The access code for the door shall only be known by Active M.S.G. Members.
  3. Only officers elected to the position may sit at their appointed desks
  4. Guests may only occupy M.S.G. office with a elected representative present
  5. Clean up after yourself
  6. The computers, printer, and phones and any other equipment contained within the M.S.G. office is for M.S.G. use only.
  7. Printer/copier is for M.S.G. printing and coping purposes. NO COPYING OF TEXT BOOKS on this copier.
  8. Refrigerator is for use by M.S.G. members only and will be cleaned out weekly clearly mark your items that are contained in the fridge.
  9. All guests and representatives must sign in and out of office. This includes Advisers
  • Redrafted and edited November, 15th 2013
  • Revised and Approved: October 2002
  • Revised and Approved: March 1995