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District Student Senate Board

The District Student Board is a student group made up of

  • the current presidents and vice presidents of the four student governments in the district;
  • two members-at-large from the Milwaukee Student Government and one member-at-large from the North, South and West Student Governments:
  • the ranking MATC student board member of the American Student Association of Community Colleges;
  • and the MATC Governor of the Wisconsin Student Government Association.

The organization meets at least once each month to coordinate recommendations on district legislation which addresses problems and concerns pertinent to students or education for the administrations consideration.

The board is also responsible for reviewing and confirming all student selections and appointments to any district, local, state, or national committee, organization, and/or conference including the student representative to the district board.

The efforts of this group open lines of communication between the district student body and the administration, creating a positive means for the resolution of student problems and the satisfaction of their needs.

Fall 2018 Semester Meeting Dates

Time: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Date Campus Location
Friday, October 5 Milwaukee Campus Room M605
Friday, October 26 Mequon Campus Room A289 - Lecture Hall
Friday, November 16 Oak Creek Campus Room B100
Friday, November 30 Milwaukee Campus Room M616
Friday, December 7 West Allis Campus Room 107/117


Jeannie Bynum


Chair Sam Rosenthal
Vice-Chair Rogelio Baldera
Secretary Alison Welli
Parliamentarian Tiana Hale, Willie Robinson
District Events Chair Willie Robinson
Budget Chair James Standberry
MATC District Board Representative Kenneth Thomas
Legislative Task Force Representatives Yamo Abdullah
Academic Technology Committee Representatives Ramon Perez
WSG Governor Marissa Nicholson
WSG Lt. Governor vacant