MATC Clubs and Organizations

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MATC students have many outside-the-classroom opportunities to learn and have fun.

The college features about 50 professional organizations that enhance the learning experience. Student organizations are a great way to develop your skills, share interests, grow your resume and meet other students.

Student Clubs & Organizations

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Student Government

Make a difference. Be a part of student government at MATC.

The members of Student Government of MATC, acting together as representatives chosen by the student body, through power granted by the Administration, and under the supervision of the Director of Student Life or his/her designees, in order to promote the general welfare of the college, provide an opportunity for student coordination and participation in the management of college affairs, and represent the interests and opinions of all students, without discrimination of any protected classes.

Student Government Association shall be to:

  1. Represent the interests and opinions of the students to Administration of MATC
  2. Promote general student life and to assist in the conducting of those projects that may be requested of them.
  3. Provide a selection of students to participate on organizational, district, and administrative committees and to confer with the Administration.

Campus Wide Clubs and Organizations

These organizations involve all MATC campuses.

District Student Senate

The Area Student Senate Board is a student group made up of the current presidents and vice presidents of the four student senates in the district.


MATC Times 360

The MATC Times is the college's twice-monthly award-winning student newspaper, which covers the four major campuses and many student issues.


Phoenix Magazine

The English Department sponsors The Phoenix. The annual magazine showcases student prose, poetry, art and photography.